Model O2000 Oxygen Analyser
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The Opsis O2000 Oxygen analyser is designed for measuring oxygen in industrial, proces and CEM applications.

Since the oxygen analyser measures the oxygen contents in the flue gas in-situ, there is no need for sample 

extraction systems.

The analyser contains an embedded micro controller for fast and easy operation.

It is user friendly with a 2 x 20 characters LCD display with backlight.

One oxygen analyser can handle two O2 probes as an option

Other key features are: Built-in self-checks and diagnostics and built-in reference pump.

DNV Certification



- Extended lenght of the probe

- High temperature probe for process temperatures up to 800ºC

- Probe designed for very corrosive environments

- Automatic calibration set                                                                                                                                O2000 without -----    housing

- Flame arrester to prevent explosion in the process                                                                                       and with OM10 STD Probe

- RS232 output

- Air/Fuel trim function

- High and Low O2 alarm output

- Stainless steel monitor box

- 115 Vac operation

- Stack Unit for cable longer than 10 m

- Alarm Kit 502-probe failure

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